NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. They represent ownership of a digital asset such as artwork, music, or a video game item. Unlike traditional digital assets like music files, NFTs are unique and cannot be replaced by another copy, making them more valuable. They also provide a secure way to verify ownership and help protect intellectual property. NFTs are highly sought after by collectors and can be traded easily and securely on digital marketplaces.

This video explains what an NFT is quite well:

The first collection will consist of 7,236 unique and beautiful NFTs. The significance of the numbers 72 and 36 are embedded in women's history. It took 72 years from the beginning of the women's suffrage movement (USA) in 1848 for women to achieve the right to vote in 1920. The significance of the number 36 comes from the 36 states voting to ratify the 19th amendment to give women the right to vote. The 7,236 items in this collection is a small tribute to this historic landmark and a symbol for all women fighting for their rights.

Women Force NFT pre-sales will only be available to 400 people to mint (buy).

Every person can buy a max of 3 NFTs per wallet. Limited supply of 1,200 NFTs during pre-sale.

The address of the Smart Contract of our Membership NFT is:

More information about the pre-sale and benefits:

- Set up a cryptocurrency wallet (for example MetaMask);
- Purchase cryptocurrency (ETH).
- Go to our Mint page to buy the NFT.

No worries.. we will produce a number of Medium articles to explain all steps in further detail and if you still struggle we also provide you an option to on-board you without a wallet and make sure you receive the benefits of Women Force NFT.

How to buy with a credit card?

How to set-up a MetaMask wallet?

Yes, there are usually fees associated with buying and selling NFTs. These fees (gas fees) vary depending on the marketplace and the type of NFT you are trading. Make sure to research the fees before you make any transactions.

Women Forcer NFT mint prices are as follows:

Pre-Sale — 0.07 ETH (or equivalent of $87 USD as per 12 December 2022) + gas fee (transaction fee).
PUBLIC SALE — 0.1 ETH (or equivalent of $125 USD as per 12 December 2022) + gas fee (transaction fee).

The allowlist (pre-sale) buyers will receive a 30% discount on the public sales price.

Here is the link to our officia Pre-Sale minting page:

Yes, after you buy and own your NFT you can resell if you desire to do so. However, we advise you to hold your NFT as many new partnerships with benefits will be created!

Your Women Force NFT will be your membership pass to access all our (future) benefits.

Here is the link to our official OpenSea collection for the Membership NFT:

There will be a 10% royalty charge on the secondary market sales.

75% of this amount will automatically DONATED to the organizations that are protecting and taking care of our Amazon Rainforest (SOS Amazonia & The Black Jaguar Foundation).

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